Wild Bunch Video Productions

For all your Live video needs! Over 30 years experience!


Scott Sterrett


Scott has spent most of his life in Wyoming and is proud to call it his home.  He loves watching sports especially rodeo and football.

Scott started WBVP in 2000 and is proud to offer great video service  to his community.


Jared Walker


Jared is a self proclaimed computer nerd. He enjoys spending time with his dog Lu and researching the latest technology. Jared is always willing to offer a helping hand.


Jane'a Sterrett

Assistant Director

Jane'a is married to the boss and enjoys spending time with her dogs. When she is not Crunching Numbers she is helping Scott in whatever aspect he needs.


Stephani Sterrett


Stephani is the bosses  kid and is a natural when it comes to running and producing a show. She is a accomplished cello player, playing in several Orchestrastral companies,